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2015 – A year that couldn’t end fast enough

Two Thousand and Fifteen started out like most any other year for me – a busy schedule for the family/kids, a chock-full year at work, and lots of stuff in the ‘photo idea’ bin, coupled with some time to possibly take care of at least a few of those goals.  Then February hit, and my world was turned upside down.

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9 Years Ago Today

 Back in December 2006, the New England Central southbound out of Palmer, MA derailed in Mansfield, CT.  The power and first seven cars made it through fine, but the next six cars ended up on the ground.  Here

Let’s jump into the (not-so) wayback machine for a moment today, and go back exactly nine years ago – to December 4, 2006 (and about the same time as I’m posting this), where I had a pretty unique photographic opportunity.  Something unusual happened on the New England Central Railroad in Mansfield, Connecticut, and I would end up being able to photograph a good portion of the after-events.

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Inspiration and Execution

As artists, we undeniably use other people’s work to stoke the creative fires inside our own imaginations.  Whether it’s re-making a photo that has been done before, taking pieces from multiple works and mashing them together into something of your own or just using it as motivation to move in a different direction, it’s all the same – you’re drawing inspiration from other artists’ efforts.  I recently did some of the above, drawing on two excellent photos from the past, and transforming them into something of my own.

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Fresh off the camera – Schemitzun 2015

20368842074_ee28e00b39_mLet’s go down a different path for a moment.  Sure, my main focus, pardon the pun, is railroad photography.  But I do enjoy expanding my horizons – and this past weekend an event that I attended with my wife and daughters gave me that opportunity to do something different.  Photograph people.

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2015 TRAINS Photo Contest

Imagine getting some great news that you’d love to share with everyone you know (and even more), but you can’t for a couple of months.  Well, that happened to me recently – and I’ll tell you, it’s been pretty hard keeping my yap shut.  A couple of months ago, I got a call at home from Kalmbach Publishing – at the other end of the phone was the Production Editor or TRAINS Magazine with some news…

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It’s been 6 months?

 A pair of trolleys meet at a passing siding.

While looking at things here on the website, I realized that it’s been 6 months to the day since my last blog post.  My how time flies…  Lots has been going on around here – from the usual things like family and work commitments, to the more unusual, most notably the passing of my father in late February – which really hit me pretty hard.  But life goes on, and in this case, so does the blog.  I figured to get things going again, I’d post a few photos up here from the past half year.  Nothing profound, but a little eye candy to sit back and, hopefully, enjoy.

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Moving Snow

"Continuing to push snow North"With the recent significant snowfalls that have blanketed the Nutmeg State in the early parts of 2015, railroads have had to run extra trains to clear their lines of snow.  Normally tourist lines would not need to do this since they’re typically spring/summer/fall operations.  But the Valley Railroad in Essex, Connecticut is a bit different – they run a special train on Presidents’ Day Weekend – the Eagle Flyer – and with a large base of snow on the ground, they ran their century-old plow up the line to move the white stuff to the side.

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Two years in under 8 minutes

i-cp2bjwM-ThBetween 2006 and 2008, I embarked on a project that long-time readers of the blog probably noticed.  Among what I was regularly photographing through the year, I also made it a point to shoot the ongoing progress of Amtrak’s Thames River draw moveable span replacement project.  An effort by the railroad to replace the aging span that bridged the channel in the Thames River where many ships – both civilian and military – pass every year.

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Store Rework and a 2015 SALE!

With the start of 2015, I decided it was time to redo the store site – – giving it a little more modern look and feel.  I’ve also done some organization, along with adding a section for my hometown, Lebanon, Connecticut.  With all of that happening, I also figured it was worth throwing a sale into the mix!  For the first 15 days of 2015, you’ll be able to take 15% off your entire order!  Just head to the store, and use the coupon code “HNY2015” when checking out.



2014 Favorites

"Eastbound at Alburtis"New Year’s Eve 2014 – a time to reflect on the past year’s accomplishments – of course, in the context of the good old blog here, that would be looking at things photographically speaking.  Well, 2014 was a light year for me in the photographic realm – only getting out to shoot about 40 times through the entire year (typically I’d get out more than 120 times each year).  But I’d like to think this year was about quality and not quantity.  Let’s see if my picks for the year reflect that…or is the cold I’m fighting influencing my choices…

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