New Stock photo agency

Stock photography by Thomas+Nanos at Alamy

You’ll probably notice the logo to the left on my website now. Well, I’ve been accepted as a contributor to the Alamy stock photography agency’s online imagery catalog! What does that mean for you? Well, not much, unless you’re looking to license my imagery. I’ll be posting some of my more generic stock-type photos of various subjects, including railroads, nature, etc., on Alamy over the next month or so, making them available for purchase. Companies that use agencies like Alamy include book publishers, ad designers, web designers – just about anyone looking for a stock photo for any kind of use. Price is determined by a bunch of factors, including the intended use (book, advertising, annual report, website, etc.), how many copies will be made, where they’ll be distributed, the size of the image, and a bunch of other criteria. We’ll see how things go – who knows, it may work out, it may not. Just thought I might share…


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