Chips are getting stale…

Holy crap it’s been a while!  Almost a week, in fact.  Just been downright busy at home and at work, so time is somewhat limited.  But never fear, I’ll be catching up later on tonight.  Here’s what you’ll see in the upcoming posts:

  • Some of the usual P&W NR-2 and Amtrak stuff along the Thames River from late last week
  • The Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts passenger train on the Providence & Worcester at two spots, one where the P&W rarely operates
  • Shots from a Northeast Railcar Association speeder ride I attended on the New England Central Railroad between Willimantic and New London, CT – both the trip down and back (I took just under 1,000 shots on this trip, so this one may take a bit more time to get ready for prime time…)

Hopefully I’ll have most of this stuff up later tonight…stay tuned!

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