M-42 Up Close & Personal 2

Just got in from a little shooting session with the telescope.  Brr, it’s cold out there – but the wind was non-existent and the air was dry.  Put that all together, and that means is that seeing was pretty darned good – no turbulence in the air, and no wind to bat around the scope.  But I’m still working on getting my deep sky shooting technique back, so the shot I got isn’t exactly top notch, but still wanted to share.

At just over 2 minutes long, you can see a little movement in the stars of this shot of the Orion Nebula (M-42).  I think I need to break down and get a counterweight set for the scope to balance things out.  The 40D does throw the scope out of balance more than my old Minolta SLR did back when I got it in the late 80’s

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Hey, live & learn…

Thanks for looking!

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2 thoughts on “M-42 Up Close & Personal

  • George Raymond

    Of course we can’t see the stars now – we can only see them as they were when the Pyramids, cathedrals or railroads were being built or in the 1920s, when you could take trains and trolleys everywhere. (Though you can still do the latter here in Switzerland and benefit from Internet too.)