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Merry (belated) Christmas

Christmas this year has been a busy one.  Not because of the running around, fighting the crowds at the stores.  Not because of work getting in the way.  But rather we had a little hiccup.  You see, my oldest daughter was admitted to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford Monday evening with what they thought was Kawasaki’s Disease (yeah, I’ve never heard of it either).  After some tests, they pretty much confirmed it (there is no specific test for Kawasaki’s, but rather a series of criteria – just about all of which she met), and started the treatment.  Thank God, she responded well to the treatment, but also we found out she’s allergic to aspirin (another part of the treatment), which threw another kink into things.  But finally, after nearly a week in the hospital, we’re all home.

This ordeal just reiterates one thing to myself, something I’ve always believed in – everything we purchase this holiday season really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.  Without family and your health, you truly have nothing.

Merry Christmas everyone.  I got what I wanted for Christmas – a bit late, but I did get it.  My daughter is back home, and on the road to a full recovery.

-Tom, Jill, Katina & Callie Nanos

The 2006 incarnation of the Nanos Christmas tree
The 2006 incarnation of the Nanos Christmas tree
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