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Ahhh, the last one and I’m caught up.  This one is from last week, when I got out after a fresh snowfall.  I decided to mix things up a bit, and not only shoot at a spot where I haven’t been in a while, but also shoot from the “wrong” side of the tracks.  It’ll be a quickie – only a couple shots, but I think they turned out rather well.

Last Wednesday I was able to get out well ahead of Providence & Worcester train NR-2, and head up to a spot I used to frequent – Stoddard Hill State Park near the Ledyard/Preston town line.  As I was driving up Route 12, I heard the call over the scanner that NR-2 was south of MP12 and about 15 minutes out of the Sub Base.  OK, since I was within a half mile or so of Stoddard Hill, I figured I could make it out there, park the truck, and hike out to the south side of the cove for a shot or two – the train was a good 4 or so miles away, so it would be close, but doable.

I got to Stoddard, parked the truck, grabbed my gear – the 40D with the telephoto, and the 20D with the wide angle – and made my way to the tracks.  As I started walking south, I heard a marker chirp on the scanner – which typically meant they were within a mile or two.  A glimpse to the north confirmed that – I saw NR-2s headlights north of the Mohegan Pequot bridge.  Should work out nicely.

I got into position, and had originally planned on a shot on the eastern side of the tracks – the side that’s closest to the cove, and also on the sunlit side.  But a quick look around, and I decided at the last minute – just as the train was approaching Poquetanuck Cove a half mile or so to the north – to switch to the shadow side of the tracks.  Hey, it was worth a shot…

A few moments later, NR-2 rounded the bend to the north of me, and popped into the sunlight, all the time blowing the fresh snow off the tracks.

Providence & Worcester train NR-2 rolls towards Stoddard Cove in Ledyard, CT on a cold winter morning
Providence & Worcester train NR-2 rolls towards Stoddard Cove in Ledyard, CT on a cold winter morning
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Then a quick switch to the wide angle to get the train rolling past me, with the snowy Stoddard Hill in the background

NR-2 speeds past Stoddard Cove in Ledyard, CT
NR-2 speeds past Stoddard Cove in Ledyard, CT
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As fast as it came into view, it was around the bend, and out of sight south of MP7.  So I hiked back to the truck, and headed back to the office.  A nice brisk walk, with a couple keepers to boot!

Thanks for looking!

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