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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  This year my wife & daughters came up with a downright unique Father’s Day gift for me.  Nope, not a tie or a coffee mug.  But it is a shirt – but it’s not just any shirt.  They came up with a pretty cool design on it.

They took one photo that each of the girls took while out with me shooting trains and came up with a pretty cool, obviously tongue-in-cheek design.  Instead of describing it, here it is…heh…  Short version – best father’s day present!  (Click on it for a larger version)



5 comments to Happy Father’s Day!

  • That is really awesome, Tom…. amazing that at 4 and 6 your daughters totally get what you’re all about…. says a lot about you as a dad.

    • Thanks John! Yeah, they do, and they love going out with me taking photos. I’m of course savoring every second of it, because as we all know, they grow up and their interests change. Hell, I’ll be ecstatic if they keep an interest in photography as they go through life… Next up in a few years is to teach Katina (the older one) how to take and develop B&W film if she’d like to learn.

  • Mike Matejka

    Tom — neat! Always fun when the family appreciates our interests. My daughter always likes to make home made cards and goes internet searching for a train image she incorporates into her efforts.
    Mike Matejka
    Bloomington IL

  • Very Nice;

    The girls take after their father.

    I also like your taste in drink & music (ObsCar)

    Marty K

  • Thanks Mike & Marty! Yeah, I think they’ve got the interest, and obviously have a knack for it at an early age. Now just to keep their interest up without burning them out on it…

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