2010 Calendars 2

It’s that time of year again – calendar time!  I haven’t done this in a few years, so I decided to give it a whirl for 2010.  I’ve created a 12 month calendar featuring some of my recent night photography around Connecticut and Massachusetts – including both museum and commercial railroad operations titled Railroads After Dark – 2010 Calendar (cover image is to the left).  Railroads featured within the calendar include:  New England Central, Providence & Worcester, Central New England, Connecticut Southern, PanAm Railways, St. Lawrence & Atlantic, Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum, Railroad Museum of New England and Berkshire Scenic Railway.  The calendar is printed on 100# stock, and contains 13 full color images (actually 12, one is black & white).  I’m having it published through Lulu.com, so I only get a portion of the sale price, but they handle the printing and shipping.  Click here to go to the page where you can view a preview of the entire calendar, as well as purchase them.


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2 thoughts on “2010 Calendars

  • Bryce Lee

    LuLu has delivered. Mind the routing to my home here in Southern Ontario was most interesting.

    From Raleigh NC to Boston to Rochester NY.Then FedEx to Buffalo for customs clearances, than Fort erie Ontario then
    Toronto and then BACK to Stoney Creek ontario and then BACK to Burlington, a rather round about way if you follow on a map.

    The nine pieces of documentation plus the cost of going acrpss an international border was rather shocking in cost compared to the original cost of the calendar.

    All quite expected; post 9/11 paranoia is the word everywhere
    or so it seems.

    Was surprised there was no description of you the phtographer, just 12 nicely exposed night shots with simple descriptions. Must admit the printing was quite good, and the months hae all the major US holiday dates mentioned.

    Maybe next year at this time, eh?


    Bryce Lee

    • Tom Nanos Post author


      Glad it got to you, despite taking the scenic route there. Actually, I ordered a copy for myself about the same time as you, and I have yet to get it! Maybe in tomorrow’s mail… Good to hear the printing looks good – I did sample one other publisher, and I wasn’t happy with the paper and print quality. I’ve heard nothing but good about Lulu, so that’s the direction I went…glad to see it looks like I made the right choice.

      Using the Lulu calendar templates restricts what I can put in there – there’s only room for simple captions under each image, and no blank pages for photographer’s bio, etc. and the back page isn’t customizable. Pretty straightforward. Next year I’ll probably do things differently, or perhaps make some suggestions to Lulu about adding some features to their templates. Time will tell…