1/1 Part II – The Friday Night F-Up

Later on New Year’s Day I figured I could head out and catch the northbound FEC Extra job (train #240) out of Miami as they rolled through the area.  So after putting the kids to bed, I checked out ATCS Monitor to check on 240’s progress north.  After a little while, I saw them coming into Pompano.  I figured that would give me plenty of time to get into position in Boca Raton, set up, and get a few test shots off before the train arrived.  Boy was I wrong…

So I left the house as 240 was coming through Pompano just to the south of us here in Deerfield Beach.  I figured I had plenty of time, so I made my way north on Dixie Highway.  Just then, I heard the Pompano detector trip as 240 continued north.

I decided to set up behind the CVS in Boca – had a nice wide open view with some palm trees in the background.  With the spot set, I started to get my gear together and head trackside.  As I got there and started to survey the surroundings, the grade crossing behind me activated – oh shit!  Looking south I saw a trio of headlights fast approaching.  I literally had seconds to get set up and get a shot off.

I managed to hoist the Lumedyne head into position, turn it on, and get my camera to my eye just in time to fire off one shot.  But I didn’t have time to check the camera settings, and unfortunately I left it at a high ISO and wide open aperture from some earlier experiments.  So I waaaaaaay overexposed the shot.  I managed to rescue something of the shot.

FEC extra train 240 speeds through Boca Raton, FL
FEC extra train 240 speeds through Boca Raton, FL
Taken withCanon EOS 50D
Date Taken2010:01:01 22:03:00
Exposure Time 0.017 s (1/60)
Focal Length (mm)18.00 (18/1)
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Yeah, not exactly the best in the world, but it’s something.  (the odd crop is because the grass in the foreground was completely blown out and unrecoverable).  Oh, well, live & learn…

Thanks for looking!

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