Trackside With

Yeah, it’s been a bit since my last update, but wanted to drop a quick note saying I’m still around, just busy like usual.  Anyways, I’m involved in something new.  On the TRAINS Magazine website, they have a bi-weekly contest called Trackside with where a group of photographers are given a subject, then submit one image they think best fits the subject, along with a little text around the image.  Then the website readers vote on their favorite, and the winner, well, wins.  Strictly bragging rights, but it’s still pretty cool.  The current edition (#141) is where I make my debut.  If you’d like, head here to check out the entries, and if you feel so inclined, hit the voting link at the bottom to cast your vote.  Also, there’s a discussion in the TRAINS general forum where you can talk about your thoughts on the images (link is at the top of the voting page).  I think voting is open through the end of the week…

I’ve got some P&W and Amtrak stuff from the previous couple weeks to post, so stay tuned for that.  Hopefully get to that over the weekend…


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