Daily Archives: October 25, 2010

The Essex Fright Train 1

The Essex Steam Train is putting on a “Fright Train” this year – a Halloween themed train ride from Essex up to Chester and back.  On the first night it ran, I decided to try something new – using the Lumedyne at dusk instead of in the darkness as I usually do.  Well, that and shooting a […]

Masking tape and a CF-7 – A morning on the G&U 2

After my slideshow at the Amherst Railway Society, I decided to spend the night up in Amherst instead of driving home in the wee hours.  And since I was taking Wednesday off from work as well, I figured I could take a ride over to North Grafton, MA and see a friend of mine that […]

Willimantic to Amherst – Three trains 1

On the 19th as you probably saw here I was presenting a slideshow up at the Amherst Railway Society’s October meeting.  I decided to take the entire day off instead of rushing out of work and heading north.  So I took that opportunity to do a little work around the house, and then head out […]

On the way back from Stop-N-Shop

On Sunday the 17th I had to run down to Stop-N-Shop for some last minute supplies for dinner.  Heading out there things were quiet in Willimantic – traffic waiting for the PW to pick up, and no activity in the NECR yard.  The trip back home, however, things were a bit different.

Clouds and Color on the 15th 1

Fall in New England brings plenty of cloudy days along with the changing color on the trees.  On Friday the 15th I managed to get out and shoot a bit, catching an Amtrak Acela, Northeast Regional and a work extra over lunch, then a New England Central ethanol extra later in the day.