Daily Archives: November 28, 2010


The only other time I got to get out and shoot in New Jersey was on the 17th.  I managed to get a few shots in at Bound Brook before heading to the office, then after work I ventured out to Macungie, PA to shoot some night action.  As things turned out, there wasn’t all […]

Hopewell Station and the Police 1

The week of November 15th I was in New Jersey again for work, and I managed to do a bit of shooting while there.  Not as much as usual, but I did manage to kill a few pixels in the Garden State.  The first night I also met up with another photographer in Hopewell, NJ […]

Morning & Evening along the Thames

On the 12th of November, I only planned on heading out one time to shoot – to catch a Providence & Worcester NR-2X carrying 80 empty ethanol cars.  But I really couldn’t pass up the second time – it was something that begged to have a photo taken of it.

Veterans Day Three Way 3

OK, time to start clearing out the backlog.  For this post we’re going back to Veteran’s Day 2010 when I happened to catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 returning to and working in Fairview Yard.  And while they were working, a pretty rare thing happened – yeah, the thumbnail pretty much gives it away, but […]