Daily Archives: August 4, 2011

New Jersey June – Part III

And the final installment from my June trip to Joysey.  This is another morning/evening look that happened on June 16th, but was at two of what I consider to be the “low hanging fruit” locations – Manville and Bound Brook, NJ.  But since it was a Thursday, there was a group of other railfans at […]

New Jersey June – Part II

And on to part 2 of three of my last business trip to New Jersey.  For this one, the shots were taken on one day – some in the morning before work, and some in the evening after work.  And for this one, I covered both the Garden and Keystone States, getting Norfolk Southern action […]

New Jersey June – Part I

Last month I had to make another trek to the Garden State for work, and unlike the past couple trips, I actually got to get out and shoot a bit.  Not as much as usual, but I did manage to make it trackside a few days.  Even made it over into Pennsylvania one evening for a little […]