First of 2012 – The Quadrantids

Yep, it’s been a while since the last post.  Busy time of year, between work and family, and Christmas and New Years it’s just been constant running around.  But I did manage to kick off the New Year, photographically speaking, early this morning down by the Lebanon Green in frigid cold.  The Quadrantid meteor shower was peaking around 3:30am, so I decided to stay up and try to capture a few.

Well, I didn’t see all that many streaking across the sky – maybe a dozen or so in the 2+ hours I was out in the field.  I did manage to catch one in a photo, though, so all wasn’t lost.  But as the time of the peak passed, I aimed the camera at Orion, Polaris and Ursa Major to get some different star trail shots while I was out and about.  Here’s the group of photos I’ve processed from the run out into the cold.

I’ll also be posting some more railroad photos soon – especially a bunch from the Valley Railroad’s North Pole Express trains I’ve been photographing over the past month or so.  Stay tuned for those.

Thanks for looking!

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