March 8th NR-2

Yep, been tied up on many other things lately, so shooting time has been at a premium – never mind keeping the blog updated.  Things have been happening, though, so it’s not like everything is at a complete standstill.  I’ll be making another announcement soon about a gallery exhibit I’m participating in starting later this month – more on that soon (if you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, you already got a sneak preview).  Anyways, here’s a quick batch of photos for you to check out from earlier this month in the meantime.

Back on March 8th I managed to get out for a bit and catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 in Niantic.  They had to make a stop at Ring’s End Lumber to spot a car, but I also managed to catch them meeting an Acela at the Niantic River Drawbridge.  It was a windy morning, and with the wind whipping off of the water, it was driving sand dust into the air, fogging up the view.  Still managed to get a few good shots.  And here they are:

Thanks for looking!

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