NJ and PA – March 20-22, 2012

I had to make another trip down to NJ last week for work – of course the cameras came along.  Granted, it was a shorter trip – only three days as opposed to the usual full week, so time to get out and shoot was limited, but I did manage to shoot a little.  And I did get some new material – namely the East Penn Railroad, along with some of the usual suspects – CSX, New Jersey Transit and Norfolk Southern.  At least it wasn’t snowing…  Read on for the full story and photos.

This time around it was only a three day trip, so shooting time was much less than usual.  But the weather was pretty nice, and I managed to get some decent fog shots one morning, and one evening made my way west to eastern Pennsylvania to shoot the East Penn Railroad in Topton and Quakertown.  About the only really unusual thing was I got a few shots of CSX Q740 – the unit Tropicana juice train – passing through Bound Brook, NJ in the daylight hours.

Thanks for looking!

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2 Responses to NJ and PA – March 20-22, 2012

  1. John Nestor says:

    Great photos! One nitpick: Flemington is in NJ, not PA.

    • Tom Nanos says:

      Thanks John! Yeah, I goofed on the captions of a few of the Flemington shots. There were two where I got it right, though…heh… The captions are now corrected…

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