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Here we go folks – starting to clear out the backlog of posts!  For this first post in quite a while, we’ll go back to the beginning of May 2012 where the Providence & Worcester Railroad took Valley Railroad Mikado No 3025 for a spin around Amtrak’s Old Saybrook wye – which also brought it under the wires of Amtrak’s electrified Shore Line.

Lerro Productions had one of their well-known photo charters scheduled on the Valley Railroad May 21 and 22, 2012.  During that 48 hour period, a number of photographers from around the world converged on Essex to shoot photos and movies up and down the Connecticut River valley, with 3025 as the star of the show.  Yes, I attended the charter, but that’s not what this post is about – that coverage will come in a future post, which will be a longer one (I shot a ton of photos).

One of the requirements of the charter was to have the Valley Railroad’s newest Mikado – No 3025 – face south instead of the Valley’s norm of north-facing power.  To do that, the railroad would have to transport 3025 down to Old Saybrook and have the Providence & Worcester Railroad pull it around Amtrak’s wye, reorienting it north.  The day slated for that to happen was May 10th – over a week before the charter was to happen.  Luckily I had a hole in my schedule while it was happening, so I headed down to Old Saybrook and photographed the move.  By the time I got there, NR-2 was about ready to tie onto the locomotive and pull it down the west leg, across track 3, then back up the east leg.

Nothing earth-shattering here, but still an interesting move.  It’s not all that often you see steam under the wires of the Northeast Corridor.

Thanks for looking!

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