A hike, a cliff and two trains

Continuing on the posts from the past, we’ll go back another month – to the start of April 2012 where I took a hike up to Poquetanuck Cove on the Preston/Ledyard town line.  It was a nice day, and I could not only enjoy a nice walk along the river, but also sit on the edge of a small cliff and get a few photos along the Thames River.

With a hole in my schedule – something that seems to be more of a rarity these days – I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and head out for a walk along the Thames River.  Of course, this was timed to coincide with the arrival of Providence & Worcester train NR-2 as they plied the rails skirting the eastern bank of the Thames.

I decided to make my walk a longer one, and headed up to Stoddard Cove in Ledyard to begin my hike north to Poquetanuck Cove, walking about a half mile up the Thames to the spot where the tracks cross the inlet spanning the Ledyard/Preston town line.  But as I’ve done before, instead of staying near track-level, I made my way up the side of a rock cut on the eastern side of the tracks, and picked a perch overlooking the tracks and the river which ended up a bit over the roof level of the train.  Satisfied with my choice in locations, I waited, listening to the scanner.

I didn’t have to wait too much longer – NR-2 reported to the Worcester dispatcher that they were south of MP12, and about 20 minutes from the Sub Base to the south.  Being just below MP8, the train was minutes away from my position, and right on cue, they appeared to the north.

Once they came into view in Preston, I saw a little surprise – PW 4005 was on the point leading the train!  So I set up for a series of shots showing the train skirting along the river through the southwestern portion of Preston, then crossing into Ledyard.  But as the entire train came into view I saw the second surprise – NR-3 was tacked onto the end of the train!  Yep, got two trains mashed into one.

After the train had passed, I made my way back to the car to head back south.  But with NR-2 having to stop and drop NR-3 off at the Dow Chemical plant at Allyn’s Point, I was able to catch up to them, getting a few shots of them heading through Fairview yard in Groton.  But as they continued south to top of Amtrak’s Groton wye, I had to make my way back to the office.  Even with the limited time, I was able to get a nice walk in, and augment it with some pretty decent pictures of a couple trains – even though they looked like one.

Thanks for looking!


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