2012 Photo Recap – January to March 1

I usually do a monolithic recap of the previous year’s photos, but this year I decided to do things a bit differently – I’ll be splitting it up into five posts.  My main reasoning behind this is I’ve been a bit, um, behind in posting to the blog here.  So to start to make up for that shortcoming, I’ll flood ya with a bunch of photos!  The first four posts will feature my favorite photos from each quarter of the year, and the fifth will be dedicated to my recent night photos on the Valley Railroad as they ran their ever-popular North Pole Express trains.  For the first post, we’ll cover the first three months of the year – January, February and March 2012.

The first set of photos I’ve selected cover railroads in three states – Connecticut, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, and feature some of my favorite lighting to shoot in – low light.  In fact two – the PanAm hump and East Penn at Topton – are both taken after sunset.  There’s only one “traditional” fully lit shot in the bunch that I really liked – a shot of the Providence & Worcester crossing over a nice stone arch bridge in Versailles, CT.

Check out the photos below, and I’ve set up something new – if you’re interested in purchasing prints of any of these, click on the album title at the top of the thumbnails (in this case it says “1 – January, February and March 2012“) and you’ll be brought to my new SmugMug store site where I have a number of print sizes, along with other merchandise, available for purchase.  If you do decide to purchase something, first off THANK YOU!  Print sales help to pay the hosting bills.  But as another thank you, I’ve set up a special coupon – just use the code NEWSTORE2012 and you’ll get 10% off your entire order!  That discount coupon is good until the end of January 2013 – so don’t delay!

As always, I’d love to hear what you think of things.  And stay tuned for the next three installments – featuring everything from our beloved P&W to Norfolk Southern and MetroNorth heritage units!

Thanks for looking!

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