2012 Photo Recap – July to September

And here we are, continuing on with the third of five installments recapping my favorite photos from 2012.  My picks for the third quarter of the year include only one from my home state of Connecticut.  The rest were taken in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania – and two involved heritage units.  I guess I gave away one of those shots with this post’s thumbnail to the left.  Read on to find out what the other heritage unit is that I photographed – and, no, it’s not a Norfolk Southern unit either.

During the three months of July, August and September, I had to travel to New Jersey for work a couple times.  And out of those trips came the majority of my favorite photos from Quarter 3 of 2012.  One was just after sunrise of a New Jersey Transit commuter train at Bound Brook station under some very beautiful skies, and another just after sunset of an eastbound Norfolk Southern in eastern Pennsylvania.  The other heritage unit, beyond the Norfolk Southern Penn Central unit, was one of the MetroNorth New Haven painted Genesis locomotives on a commuter train along the Hudson River.  The last two shots were a night shot at PU Tower in Phillipsburg, NJ on the Lehigh Line, and the only shot representing “home rails” for me – Providence & Worcester train NR-2 with a loaded rail train at MP8 in Preston, CT.  So scroll on down and check out this quarter’s half dozen picks.


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