2012 Photo Recap – October to December 2

Part four of my five post 2012 photo recap – and this one will cover the last three months of the year.  But wait, if this covers the last three months, what will the fifth installment include?  If you recall in my first recap post (here), I mentioned the last one will feature my night photos along the Valley Railroad in November and December.  But before we get there, here’s my six picks for the final three months of 2012.

This group of photos has some different stuff in it – a couple at night, a couple at dusk and a couple in the fall colors of New England.  First up is the last shot I took of a passenger extra on the New England Central Railroad – it was held to try and foster support to reinstate passenger service between New London, CT and Brattleboro, VT, and had numerous politicians, railroad VIPs and area supporters on board.  The first night shot was taken at the Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum’s 9th annual Night Photo Shoot, and shows a little different angle – one from inside the Chaplin Station.  Another passenger train in the fall colors is the next shot – a Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts excursion on the Providence & Worcester’s Willimantic Branch passing by Scotland Dam.  Then a shot just after sunset of an Amtrak Northeast Regional crossing the Thames River Lift Bridge, followed by a night shot of a P&W ethanol extra passing by a liquor store in downtown Danielson at around 2am.  Wrapping up the 4th quarter half dozen is a dusk shot of Valley Railroad veteran No 97 under some colorful skies in Essex, CT.

Check ’em out, and as always I’d love to hear what you have to say about them!

Stay tuned for Part 5, which I’ll post sometime in the first part of next year (as in tomorrow sometime).

Thanks for looking!

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    • Tom Nanos Post author

      Thanks Colin!

      Unfortunately, this is the highest resolution I’ll upload online. I am considering making higher resolution wallpapers available in the store for a small fee (maybe a dollar or three), but they would also contain a watermark on them (not across the middle like these are). That is still up in the air for now, though…stay tuned…