The Single Digit Stroll

The start of January 2013 brought some cold temperatures to Connecticut, and it also brought some vacation time to me.  On the third day of the new year – a day that started out with the mercury diving to about 5°F – I decided to head out for some train shooting.  And me being the glutton for punishment, I figured my first shot should involve a good 10 minute walk along the Thames River.  What the hell, I was on vacation…

For my first frigid shot of the morning, I headed for Stoddard Cove in Ledyard, but that wasn’t the shot I was looking for.  Instead, I just used Stoddard as a parking spot, and hiked about a half mile north to the shores of Poquetanuck Cove, which spans the Ledyard/Preston town line.  With camera gear in hand, and gloves on the hands, I made my way north along the edge of the Thames River.  Once at the cove, I took advantage of the low tide, and went with a little wider angle of the train approaching, instead of my usual head-on view – and there was no way in hell I was trying that one, with the rocks I usually perch myself on being covered in snow and ice.  So now it was time to wait.

About 15 minutes later, I could hear horns to the north and east – Providence & Worcester train NR-2 was making their way through downtown Norwich.  Shouldn’t be more than 20 minutes before they get to me.

After a short wait, a low rumble came across the Thames Valley, and NR-2 came into view.  I grabbed a series of shots – from their approach, to them travelling along the causeway in the cold morning sunlight, then into the shadows of the south end of the causeway.

With that in the bag, I made the hike out then met up with Vinny at Jordan Cove on Amtrak’s Shore Line in Waterford.  After catching an Acela and a couple regionals, we headed out, and I called it a day at that point.  Not a bad start to the new year.

Thanks for looking!

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