Bending Gravity at the Library

9457330443_8831b3390a_qOver the summers here in Lebanon, the town library (Jonathan Trumbull Library) usually has events for the kids every week, ranging from crafts to movies to animal demonstrations to performers.  This week’s act needed a little larger venue to perform some of his act – since it involved sharp objects and fire.  So instead of the usual show in the lower level of the Library, it was moved outside onto the adjoining Town Green, giving him plenty of room to put on his show.  And he sure did use it all…

Last night’s show featured performance artist Eric Girardi and his show Bending Gravity (his website is here) in front of a nice sized crowd of parents and kids.  Once people finished filtering in, he performed for about an hour on the edge of the Green to the riveted crowd.  His show consisted of some rhythmic juggling with acrylic spheres, a variety of yo-yo tricks (with both one and two “traditional” yo-yos, as well as using a Chinese yo-yo), some cool spinning top tricks and juggling.  But he didn’t limit things to juggling balls – he did do that, but added machetes as well as flaming props to the mix!  All in all, it was a really cool show – something that both the parents and kids enjoyed.  And of course, I took a ton of photos…go figure.

So, below is the set of photos – 59 in all.  Click the first one, and flip through them to enjoy some highlights from his show (once the first photo is up, you can either click on the image to advance, or press the arrow keys to move back and forth).  A huge thanks to Mrs. Slate at the Library for putting these shows on – I know my kids have enjoyed them all!  Oh, yeah, and we should be back to the railroad stuff in the next post.

Thanks for stopping by and looking!

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