Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving here in the US, and to everyone else outside the States, happy Thursday!

I’ve got a bunch of photos from the last few weeks to post, so stay tuned for a slew of updates.  Stuff that’ll be posted include P&W, NECR, ethanol, Norfolk Southern, CSX and Amtrak.  Hopefully I can catch up over the long weekend.


Sick day = Disaster on the Coastliner

Today I’m home sick (since Friday – yech), but I’m actually awake for the most part today.  So while flipping through the channels, I came across a movie that sounded like it had something to do with railroading – Disaster on the Coastliner (IMDB info here).  Curious, I left it on there and watched for a bit – hey, it had some pretty good names in it like Lloyd Bridges, William Shatner & Raymond Burr.  How bad could it be with names like that?  Well, as I was watching it wasn’t great (kinda like this little review…remember I’m still sick)…but I kept on watching.  Then some of the outside train scenes looked really familiar despite supposed to be taking place in California…and I had only been to California once around the Los Angeles area before I was really taking photos…

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Somewhat Geeky Post – Photoshop Lightroom 3 Beta 2

I got a chance to download and play with the latest beta of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 today.  Let me start out by saying that I absolutely love Lightroom – I’ve been using it since v1.0 Beta (and even before that I was using Pixmantec RawShooter Pro before Adobe purchased them), and it’s essentially a one-stop-shopping program for the photographer.  It’s not only an image processing tool, it’s also a searchable database.  With it, I don’t use Photoshop all that often – most everything is done in Lightroom.  But enough of that – on to the latest & greatest version, which can potentially eliminate another piece of software I use.

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As quite a few of you may know, I’m a member and volunteer at the Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum in Willimantic, CT.  Well, last night (11/3/09) the museum was broken into and quite heavily vandalized.  Click here for the story, including some photos of the damage, from the Hartford Courant.  Shit like this just makes my blood boil…  Instead of repeating it, click this link to head over to Railroad.net where I posted a few comments in the thread on the New England Railfan board.


2009 WPC Gallery Exhibit

Just a quick note that I’m participating in the 2009 Windham Photo Club’s Gallery Exhibit, which is free and open to the public.  I’ve got 10 photos hanging amongst about 200 from various club members.  I’ll be sitting on Saturday July 11th from 12-2PM, but if you want to arrange a time to come down, let me know.  Here’s the details:

Windham Photography Club
2009 Gallery Exhibit

Art Space Windham
480 Main Street
Willimantic, CT 06226

Gallery Open June 21, 27, 28, July 5, 11 & 12
Saturdays Noon to 8PM
Sundays 1-5PM

English 101

Sure, I’ve been out of school for a while, and apparently I’ve forgotten some of my lessons.  Blog reader Bob Hassett informed me of the error in my ways at the CERM meeting last night.  Since I only have two daughters, the way I have referred to them in some of my posts is incorrect.

Incorrect                                          Correct
My oldest daughter                           My older daughter
My youngest daughter                      My younger daughter

Thank you Bob for this…I’ll remember it forever.  Now where do I turn in my college degree? :-)


Rest In Peace Mandy

Yesterday was a very difficult day for us at home.  We had to say goodbye to a long time part of the family.  Our quarter horse, Mandy, has been sick the past month or so, and she wasn’t making any progress, so we had a tough decision to make.  At nearly 31 years old, we figured it was time.  We’ve only had Mandy here at the house for about 16 months, but my wife has had her for 22 years, so it was a very tough decision to make.  But it was for the best – she had lived a long life (in “human” years, she would have been about 82), and up until she got sick, was a very happy girl.  We decided to put her down since she hadn’t eaten in the past five days, and it would be better than letting her starve to death.  It was hard, but at about 4:10PM on Friday March 6, 2009, she took her last breath.  She died as she had lived – a tough old girl.  We laid her to rest right next to her barn.  Last night, I went through the photos I had of her, and picked a few out as a tribute.

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