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Wings of Freedom at Groton/New London Airport

OK, now for Part II of my Tuesday adventures – Wings of Freedom.  I had heard about the Wings of Freedom tour stopping at the Groton/New London airport on the news this morning, so I figured it would be worth a stop at lunchtime.  Well, I did stop, but not exactly for as long as […]

Sun in the east (NJ), sun in the west (PA)

Back in NJ again for a couple days. Yesterday I mixed things up a bit – no NJ Transit stuff at all, but I did catch some Norfolk Southern, Morristown & Erie, as well as the elusive Lehigh Valley Rail Management switchers. Yep, for those of you who are paying attention, I did say LVRB, […]

In the air from Morristown, NJ to Groton, CT

On my flight back from Morristown, NJ to Groton, CT I had my G9 with me. So I snapped a bunch of photos along the way – from the taxiway in NJ, to approach to Groton. They came out OK – it was quite turbulent, even the image stabilizer in the camera didn’t help much…that […]

Early NR-2 and a chopper

Well, a morning meeting of mine was postponed, so it allowed me to get out for a quick run north. With the recent changes to operations in the area – the P&W/NECR interchange was moved from New London to Willimantic – NR-2s times have been in a state of flux. I got out around the […]

Sub – NR-2 – Acela – tugboat – helicopter

Quite a bit to pack into the small amount of time I was out & about this morning. I was able to catch a Los Angeles class fast attack sub, Providence & Worcester train NR-2, an easbound Amtrak Acela, and a helicopter taking off from New London. And I even got my walk in there […]

All with a half mile – Freight on rail & sea, machine guns & some passengers…oh, yeah, and a rolling meet over the water

Yep, you read that right. Short version – in a span of about 20 minutes, and without moving my ass more than 15 feet, I was able to catch the freighter Persenk unloading copper plates at the State Pier in New London, a pair of small US Coast Guard cutters (armed with machine guns on […]

Catchup #1 – 10/10/07 – Trip to Kalamazoo, MI

OK, here goes. First up is from last Wednesday the 10th. I had to go on a quick business trip to Kalamazoo, Michigan for the day. But the meeting we were going to be attending wasn’t at the office out there, but rather it was at the Gilmore Car Museum! So of course my camera […]

Slide scans – aircraft

Well, I decided to scan a few slides in tonight. I broke out some of the shots I took at the Westover Air Reserve Base airshow back on August 14, 2004.