Nature Photography

Getting back into the swing of things… 1

Hey everyone!  Yep, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here on the old blog.  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been out shooting – just the opposite!  Granted, I’m not out every day like I have been in the past – life gets in the way much too easily these days – but […]

The Houssy and Keystone Arch Trail

On Saturday November 6th we decided to take a ride to nowhere – no plans, no objective, just the four of us and a full tank of gas.  We figured we’d head northwest – the weather was supposed to be nicer out that way.  But even if it wasn’t we’d be out for a nice […]

A few new angles for Amtrak and the NECR

Part two of my catchup posts involves some new angles I scouted out on Friday – one was in the morning on the New England Central, and two were in the afternoon on Amtrak’s Shore Line – one in Niantic, and one in Old Lyme.

Might be time to build an ark 3

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to…well, I guess you could drink this if you really had to (apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge).  If you’re anywhere along the eastern US coast, you’ve been subjected to days and days of rain.  Well, all that rain, along with melting snow up north, is causing us some […]

Melancholy Monday 4

Today was a dreary, foggy, drizzly Monday, and one that I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to head out.  Well, some things this morning happened sooner than I th0ught, and some other things happened later, making the cosmic convergence possible.  OK, not cosmic, but, well, you get my drift – things fell into place. […]

Rainbow at the house 2

Tonight we had to go out to a graduation party in Glastonbury, and drove through that nasty thunderstorm (the one that spawned the tornado warning for the Willimantic area).  We must have gone through close to the middle of it – wind, lightning, torrential rain and near golf ball sized hail.  Anyways, after the party […]