Nautical Photography

Springfield Homecoming 1

The Thames River hosts a variety of marine traffic, including recreational, commercial and military.  The river is home to a few active military related sites including the US Coast Guard Academy and the Electric Boat shipyard, manufacturer of US Navy submarines, but also hosts the US Navy Submarine Base – home port for more than a […]

2012 Photo Recap – April to June

And we continue on with the 2012 photo recap, with this post moving onto the second quarter of 2012.  During this three month span the subjects ranged from the usual railroad photos, to submarines, a new bridge, a locomotive shop and a two-day photo charter.  So does that mean I’ll pick more photos?  Read on […]

First time with the 4005 1

The Providence & Worcester Railroad recently acquired three former Burlington Northern Santa Fe GE B40-8W locomotives.  One of those – now numbered P&W 4005 – has recently received a new paint job, putting the former warbonnet into P&W chocolate and orange.  And after one other trip down this way, I got a chance to photograph the widecab […]

Freight, cargo, passengers and the Army

A couple weeks back on my way into work, I noticed a freighter sitting at the New London State Pier getting ready to unload.  I figured it was worth a shot to try and get out and get a few shots of the ship a little later that morning – it’s been a while since […]

2011 Calendar – Steel Wheels & Submarines

It’s that time of year again – the 2011 calendar is ready!  This year’s calendar is titled “Steel Wheels and Submarines” and features 13 of my all color photos photos taken along the Thames River in southeastern Connecticut of the NECR, P&W, Amtrak and FEC (yes, I said FEC). I’m putting it out a bit earlier than I did […]

Three days in September

Once again playing catchup with the posts – at least I’m only a couple weeks behind…  In this one I’m going to roll three days into one post – they’re not consecutive days, but rather are geographically connected.  And, yes, I’ll be brief on the words…

Iona Island on the way home

A couple weeks back, I had to take a short-notice work trip down to New Jersey (pictures from that trip are here).  But the different thing about this trip is I drove down, instead of my usual mode of transportation – the Acela.  So on the way home, I swung by Iona Island in Stony […]

Steel Wheels and Submarines 4

Still playing catch-up, so here’s some stuff from last week.  Another busy week, so my ability to get out was limited.  Making the best of it, I headed up to the USS Nautilus Overlook Park in Groton a couple times, getting some shots of trains and submarines in the same frame.

NERWNE, NR2, 171 and a 688

Think the title is kinda cryptic, eh?  Pretty simple if you think about it – three trains and a submarine crossed by my lens on Tuesday morning.  Oh, yeah, and for a change, the sun was shining!

Wednesday – A train and a sub

OK, it’s Friday night, so I guess I can catch up.  I managed to get out a few times this past week to shoot a bit.  The weather was decent down here in southeastern Connecticut, so I took advantage of that.  This one is from this past Wednesday where I caught Providence & Worcester train […]