Back in May – Turning 3025

Here we go folks – starting to clear out the backlog of posts!  For this first post in quite a while, we’ll go back to the beginning of May 2012 where the Providence & Worcester Railroad took Valley Railroad Mikado No 3025 for a spin around Amtrak’s Old Saybrook wye – which also brought it under the wires of Amtrak’s electrified Shore Line.

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March issue of TRAINS and Railfan & Railroad magazines

Now that they’ve started to hit subscribers’ mailboxes, I figured a note here was in order.  I’ve got two articles appearing in the March 2012 issues of the two largest railroad magazines.  First is a short piece and a photo in TRAINS as a part of their Funky Freights feature about some of the shipments the Providence & Worcester makes to Electric Boat in Groton.  And second is my Valley Railroad article featuring the rebuilding of No. 3025 which appears in Railfan & Railroad.  But in addition to the article – which ended up spanning 8 pages in the final layout of the magazine – I landed the front cover!  Third magazine cover overall for me (Railpace and Railroad Explorer were the other two), but this was my first time on R&R’s cover!  So if you don’t subscribe, head down to your local hobby shop or bookstore/newsstand and pick up a copy.  Feel free to let me know what you think of the two articles here, or drop me an email.

And stay tuned for a photo-heavy post from the NECR/PW/CN office car special that ran between St. Albans, VT and Worcester, MA on February 7, 2012.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.  I know I have plenty to be thankful for – most of all my family.  And this year’s Thanksgiving is a bit more special – it’s also my daughter Katina’s 9th birthday!

On the blog side of things – I know it’s been a while since I posted something, and that doesn’t mean I haven’t been out shooting.  Actually, it’s just the opposite.  I should be putting up a few new posts in the next couple weeks – some usual stuff, and some different.  But the biggest thing I’ve been working on is a project for a magazine, part of it documenting the Valley Railroad’s transformation of the former Knox & Kane Chinese SY into one resembling a New Haven J-1.  Here’s a couple photos of the final result.

Just after coming out of the shop for the first time:

And just before being turned by P&W NR-2 on the Old Saybrook wye:

That’s it for now – stay tuned for many more.

Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving!