September 12th in New Jersey

Once again I had to make a work trip to New Jersey the week of September 12th, and I did manage to get a little shooting in while I was there – both day and night (yes, the Lumedynes came along for the ride as well).  The first day, before checking into the hotel, I […]

Last Tuesday in NJ – 33K & MA-1

Most of last week I was in New Jersey again, and with the limited daylight this time of year provides, most of my shooting was either at dusk or in the dead of the night.  My first shots were on a cloudy Tuesday evening just before I checked into the hotel when I stopped in […]

A railfan evening in Bound Brook 2

This one is from back on September 2nd – yep, still catching up on stuff.  Over my past trips down to New Jersey, I’ve met a few local railfans down there, and every Thursday a group gets together to watch & photograph trains at Bound Brook station.  I figured that a little railfanning with a […]

Garden State Stuff

A couple weeks back I had to take a last minute trip down to New Jersey for work, and as usual I went out for a bit of shooting in the down time.  But with the earlier sunsets, and later workdays, I only had a little bit of time to shoot.  So instead of doing […]

Another afternoon at Bound Brook – this time with variety

I guess it’s been the theme of the week – taking the easy way out and heading down to Bound Brook, NJ to shoot in the off hours.  Actually, on Thursday heading to Bound Brook was actually an afterthought – a result of horrid traffic on the highway.  I was planning on heading down to […]

A whole slew of trains in the last 24 hours 2

Well, I can’t say the Lehigh Line here in northern New Jersey is dead.  Ended up catching two trains before work this morning, and another five this evening – one of which was at two spots.  Can’t complain about numbers like that…especially in comparison to what I’ve got to shoot back home – a couple […]

3 freights and some NJT 2

After work today, I headed down to Bound Brook station again to take advantage of the sunshine before the clouds fully moved in.  In that time I was able to catch one Norfolk Southern, two CSX and a handful of NJ Transit runs.  Oh, yeah, throw the Met-Life blimp in the mix too…

NJ Day 4 – NS in Phillipsburg, NJ and Bethlehem, PA 1

Yesterday was another less than stellar weather day.  But like usual, that doesn’t stop me from going out to shoot when I can.  After work I decided to head west to a new spot for me – Phillipsburg, NJ, which is home to the Phillipsburg Railroad Historians‘ museum near the former CNJ PU Tower.  From […]

Three NJ towns, four trains

After work yesterday, I wanted to take advantage of the remaining sunshine of the day, as clouds were supposed to start moving in.  So I headed for Bound Brook to see what was going on.  As it turned out, that was the first of four stops in Bound Brook, Manville and Hillsborough, NJ visiting both […]

Heading West 2

Last night after work and after I checked into the hotel, I was thinking about where I wanted to go an shoot.  Northern New Jersey was graced with blue, cloudless skies, and a sun that was setting a little after 7PM.  Where could I go to take advantage of this nearly perfect golden hour light?  […]