Black River & Western

2015 – A year that couldn’t end fast enough

Two Thousand and Fifteen started out like most any other year for me – a busy schedule for the family/kids, a chock-full year at work, and lots of stuff in the ‘photo idea’ bin, coupled with some time to possibly take care of at least a few of those goals.  Then February hit, and my world […]

Black River & Western RR at Night

Prior to making the trip down to the Garden State, I had arranged some time with the folks at the Black River & Western Railroad in Ringoes, NJ to roam around their property and photograph whatever equipment they had in the area.  But it wasn’t the usual run around in daylight – nope, I did […]

All because of Earl 2

As Hurricane Earl was approaching the east coast, the weather-geeks were doing their usual “the sky is falling – go out and buy bread and milk” hype.  Looking at the track of the storm, I figured it would be prudent to change my train home from Friday evening to Saturday sometime.  The way things were […]