Central Village

Mass Bay RRE Fall Circle Tour on the P&W 2

Continuing with the “passenger extra on the Providence & Worcester Railroad” theme (see yesterday’s post), I managed to photograph the Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts’ Fall Circle Tour which runs on the P&W every mid-October.  The train makes a big circle through southeastern New England – starting in Worcester, MA, continuing southeast to Providence, RI, then […]

Plow on the P&W 6

On February 10th the Providence & Worcester Railroad ran something rather unique through Connecticut and Massachusetts – a snow plow.  The P&W leased a Russel plow from the Green Mountain Railroad in Vermont to clear some of the snowfall that had plagued southern New England this winter.  And I used a vacation day from work […]

Ssshhhhhh….PW Extra 2

On September 7th, the Providence & Worcester Railroad ran an extra from Worcester, MA down to Groton, CT, and I managed to photograph it between Central Village and Groton, while running into a couple other photographers along the way.  This is going to be one of the more vague posts, keeping some of the particulars […]