Nights on the Valley 2

Now time to start making up some ground on the post landscape.  Starting on November 25, 2011 the Valley Railroad began running their popular – and often sold out – North Pole Express trains.  Because of their popularity, they had planned on running two steam-powered trains at the same time each night – one with […]

Valley Railroad Nights 2

Starting in the end of November and all through December I managed to get down to Essex and shoot the Valley Railroad’s North Pole Express trains a number of times.  With the early winter sunsets, all of these trains ran under cover of darkness, which gave me an opportunity to experiment with my lighting techniques. […]

The Houssy and Keystone Arch Trail

On Saturday November 6th we decided to take a ride to nowhere – no plans, no objective, just the four of us and a full tank of gas.  We figured we’d head northwest – the weather was supposed to be nicer out that way.  But even if it wasn’t we’d be out for a nice […]

Good Morning America Whistle Stop Tour 2008 – West Warren to Chester, MA 1

As most of you know, ABC’s Good Morning America had put together, along with Amtrak, a special Whistle Stop Tour 2008 as a part of this year’s presidential election season.  The train made its first “live” move (“live” is in quotes because they were taping segments for airing in today’s live broadcast on the Housatonic […]