Connecticut Southern Railroad

Thoughts on 10 Years of Nights 1

As I usually do, I kick many ideas around in my head – from ideas about potential photos, to reassessing the photos I’ve taken thus far.  Lately – well, over the past couple of years, at least – I’ve been thinking about my night shots quite a bit.  What do I like?  What don’t I […]

2012 Photo Recap – April to June

And we continue on with the 2012 photo recap, with this post moving onto the second quarter of 2012.  During this three month span the subjects ranged from the usual railroad photos, to submarines, a new bridge, a locomotive shop and a two-day photo charter.  So does that mean I’ll pick more photos?  Read on […]

CSOR Hartford Shops Grand Opening Ceremony 3

I had the pleasure of being invited to the Connecticut Southern Railroad’s Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting ceremony for their new offices and locomotive/car shops in Hartford, CT on April 5, 2012 – not only as a guest, but also as a photographer.  And with a lunch from Black Eyed Sally’s included, how could I […]

Quick stop in Palmer – NECR, Amtrak, CSX & FEC

July 2nd was a work holiday for us, starting out a four day weekend.  I had some things to do in the morning, but with that stuff done, I headed out for a bit to shoot, taking advantage of the nice weather.  Initially I had set my sights on shooting NECR train NERWNE somewhere between […]

Tuesday night scan-o-rama 2

I was out sick again today, and there wasn’t much on TV, so no movie reviews tonight.  But since I’m feeling better tonight, I decided to scan through some of my “reject” folders of slides.  I, unlike some other photographers, rarely throw away slides – I keep everything (unless it’s truly out of focus).  And […]

CNZR and CSOR under the stars 3

This past Saturday (12/13/08) Nick Palazini and I headed out for an evening of shooting under the stars with the Lumedyne.  On the slate was hitting both Central New England Railroad branches, and if we had time, taking a swing by East Hartford to shoot the Connecticut Southern power by the offices.  Sure, it was […]

Good Morning America Whistle Stop Tour 2008 – West Warren to Chester, MA 1

As most of you know, ABC’s Good Morning America had put together, along with Amtrak, a special Whistle Stop Tour 2008 as a part of this year’s presidential election season.  The train made its first “live” move (“live” is in quotes because they were taping segments for airing in today’s live broadcast on the Housatonic […]

A little nostalgia, brought by Oxycodone

Feeling a bit nostalgic tonight and with a headache that stopped thanks to oxycodone, so I fired up the slide scanner and scanned a few slides in. Here’s a glimpse back to some of what I was shooting in 2003 & 2004. The photo line forms as a westbound CSX freight passes through Guy Park, […]