Rainy Wednesday Afternoon at Bound Brook

After I finished up at work on Wednesday, which was a little later than usual, I decided to head to Bound Brook station again, as I did earlier in the day.  The main reason was that it was raining, and the station there affords some shelter from the weather, while still giving nice views of […]

A busy evening at Bound Brook station 3

Down here in NJ again this week, and after I got out of the office yesterday, I headed down to Bound Brook station for a little shooting.  I figured it would be a nice and easy evening of shooting and enjoying the passing trains.  I really didn’t feel like driving anywhere, so the spot that’s […]

Trip wrap up – NJ and PA photos

Last week I was down in New Jersey again for work, and as has been my usual practice, the cameras and Lumedyne have come along for the ride.  Instead of doing a post for each time I went out to shoot, I’m just going to roll everything up into one post…easier that way.

Quick stop on the way home

This morning I had a 9:30am Amtrak train to catch out of Newark, so I figured I had about 45 minutes to swing by Bound Brook, NJ after sunrise and still have enough time to return the rental car and get to the platform in time.  In the span of that time, I was able […]

CSX, Norfolk Southern, Conrail, NJ Transit and New Hope & Ivyland 2

My last evening in the Garden State (Wednesday 10/7/09) was quite eventful – it started out at the NJ Transit Bound Brook station where I was able to catch NS, CSX, Conrail & NJ Transit action, then moved down to the New Hope & Ivyland at night, and concluded with a quick night shot of […]

3 freights and some NJT 2

After work today, I headed down to Bound Brook station again to take advantage of the sunshine before the clouds fully moved in.  In that time I was able to catch one Norfolk Southern, two CSX and a handful of NJ Transit runs.  Oh, yeah, throw the Met-Life blimp in the mix too…

P&W in New Jersey?

Well, I’m down in New Jersey again for work, and like usual the cameras came along for the ride.  Yesterday, I was able to get out after checking into the hotel and catch some action.  But I never would have thought I’d catch the Providence & Worcester down here in north-central New Jersey.  But I […]

Wedensday afternoon in Flemington

Here’s the last catchup from last week’s New Jersey trip.  I didn’t head out in the morning, but did get a chance to take advantage of some nice evening sunlight after work.  So I decided to head down to Flemington, NJ to check out the spot at Stanton Station Road.  I also did a bit […]