Hopewell Station and the Police 1

The week of November 15th I was in New Jersey again for work, and I managed to do a bit of shooting while there.  Not as much as usual, but I did manage to kill a few pixels in the Garden State.  The first night I also met up with another photographer in Hopewell, NJ […]

Garbage, stacks and juice at night

On Thursday the 28th I didn’t get a chance to head out in the daylight hours – we had a “happy hour” after work with our entire team, so I couldn’t miss that.  But once that was wrapped up, I headed out for a while and managed to catch trains on both the Norfolk Southern […]

A railfan evening in Bound Brook 2

This one is from back on September 2nd – yep, still catching up on stuff.  Over my past trips down to New Jersey, I’ve met a few local railfans down there, and every Thursday a group gets together to watch & photograph trains at Bound Brook station.  I figured that a little railfanning with a […]

First day of September – dawn and dusk

With the days progressively getting shorter, time to shoot outside of work hours is getting limited.  But that doesn’t mean I put the cameras down and not shoot.  Just means I have to work with the cards I’ve been dealt.  So while I was on my trip to New Jersey, I headed out to shoot […]

Iona Island on the way home

A couple weeks back, I had to take a short-notice work trip down to New Jersey (pictures from that trip are here).  But the different thing about this trip is I drove down, instead of my usual mode of transportation – the Acela.  So on the way home, I swung by Iona Island in Stony […]

Garden State Stuff

A couple weeks back I had to take a last minute trip down to New Jersey for work, and as usual I went out for a bit of shooting in the down time.  But with the earlier sunsets, and later workdays, I only had a little bit of time to shoot.  So instead of doing […]

Quick stop in Palmer – NECR, Amtrak, CSX & FEC

July 2nd was a work holiday for us, starting out a four day weekend.  I had some things to do in the morning, but with that stuff done, I headed out for a bit to shoot, taking advantage of the nice weather.  Initially I had set my sights on shooting NECR train NERWNE somewhere between […]