Deep River

Dinner on the Rails

 The Valley Railroad/Essex Steam Train in Essex, Connecticut is famous for their steam powered excursion trains along the Connecticut River (see some of my other posts on the Valley RR here).  But they also offer other types of rail excursions – most as limited run specials like the Circus Train and Eagle Flyer.  But there is […]

Nights on the Valley 2

Now time to start making up some ground on the post landscape.  Starting on November 25, 2011 the Valley Railroad began running their popular – and often sold out – North Pole Express trains.  Because of their popularity, they had planned on running two steam-powered trains at the same time each night – one with […]

Valley Railroad Nights 2

Starting in the end of November and all through December I managed to get down to Essex and shoot the Valley Railroad’s North Pole Express trains a number of times.  With the early winter sunsets, all of these trains ran under cover of darkness, which gave me an opportunity to experiment with my lighting techniques. […]

Fright and Flash

To conclude my trip home from New Jersey (first part is in this post) I had time to swing by the Valley Railroad and shoot their Halloween themed Fright Train again at dusk (my first attempt is here).  But this time I decided to try something different for the two shots – not only the […]

The Essex Fright Train 1

The Essex Steam Train is putting on a “Fright Train” this year – a Halloween themed train ride from Essex up to Chester and back.  On the first night it ran, I decided to try something new – using the Lumedyne at dusk instead of in the darkness as I usually do.  Well, that and shooting a […]