Digging back into May – NECR 608, ethanol and bruises

Well, here’s another batch of photos I never posted.  Actually, it was for good reason – it involves a bit of personal injury (both to my body and ego), flying cameras, as well as the temporary loss of my glasses.  But the important thing is this – despite risking life & limb (and cameras), I got the shots!  For those of you who attended my presentation for the Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts’ Summer Picnic in Palmer back in July, you already know the story behind these photos.  For the rest of you who weren’t able to join us, read on – you’ll get the skinny… Continue Reading →

The Thames River is Dry

P&W K667 backs ethanol empties into the NECR in New London

Change – something that’s for the better.  Despite the fact that I instinctively abhor change, I do honestly believe in that in the end it is a good thing.  But I’m not here to talk about my personal philosophy – but rather how change relates to the railroading world, and specifically recording railroad history.  Railroads are a dynamic beast – not only are they literally moving down the rails, but both the landscape they travel through and what they’re transporting is also constantly changing.  This post is about the latter – what is going on with what the trains themselves are carrying, and one commodity in particular, namely ethanol.

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Two trains of empty cans

PW NR2Way back on June 8th I was able to get out and shoot a bit in the morning.  I intented to duck out and shoot Providence & Worcester train NR-2 along the Thames River.  But as things worked out, I ended up catching two P&W jobs in the Groton/New London area – both carrying empty ethanol tanks back to the New England Central Railroad.  A nice change of pace.

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Another angle bites the dust

On the 17th of May I was able to get out for a few minutes to catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 over lunch.  It was a quick trip out, and I was only able to catch them at a couple spots.  But while out, I noticed one of my favorite angles will soon be no longer available due to some Amtrak fence construction.  Just like Groton tower, where a chain link fence was erected along the south side of the tracks, the area to the north of the Shaw’s Cove swing bridge is following suit.

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Friday the 13th – PW in the morning, NECR in the afternoon

On Friday the 13th I actually got a bit lucky.  Not only did I catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 in Ledyard and Groton, but I also caught New England Central train 608 heading south with loaded ethanol, and was able to work a couple birds into the shots – got a swan and a couple Canada Geese.  I also got 608 at a new location for me in Waterford.  Oh, yeah, and I even got called “Tom Ho” over the radio…it was Hawaiian Shirt Friday at work, after all…

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Empty cans along the Thames

Going back a bit in time here – starting to catch up on past photos that haven’t made it to the site yet.  This set is from back on April 21, 2011 of Providence & Worcester train K667 – a unit empty ethanol train – as they made their way down the east bank of the Thames River.

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Last month – A week in NJ

Last month I had to make a trip down to New Jersey for work again.  And as I mentioned in my last post about an evening in Rensselaer, I’ve finally gotten around to posting the shots.  So instead of doing each day as a single post, I’m going to lump them all together into one big monolithic post.  Well, not too big – it ended up at 40 shots in all, taken both in daylight and by the light of the Lumedyne.  Read on for the overview and bunch of photos.

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Willimantic Round Trip

Almost a month ago I was out and about on a sunny Saturday.  Jill and the girls were out at a birthday party, and I was running errands around Willimantic.  But when the scanner lit up on the NECR channel, plans started to change.  But not entirely right away…

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January 2011 Recap

Holy crap does time fly when you’re doing nothing but shoveling snow.  Yep, we’ve been inundated with snow the past month or so here in the Northeast, and I have next to no photos to show for it!  But I did manage to get out a few times to shoot.  So instead of doing each one individually, I’ll roll them all into one big meaty sandwich of a single post.  In here you’ll see some slices of the New England Central, Providence & Worcester along with some Amtrak goodness.

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Start of December Stuff

Next up is a chunk of photos from the first half of December, which include Amtrak, Providence & Worcester, ethanol, a Sperry Rail Car, a couple C-130s and a pair of fast attack submarines – a Virginia and Los Angeles class.  Nice variety for the first half of the month.  And like the previous post, this isn’t everything I shot during that time frame.  The stuff that’s missing from both the end of November and all of December (here’s a couple hints – steam and night) will all be lumped into one post, since it’s kind of a progression of shots, showing the evolution of my technique.  Enough of that – here’s the goods for the start of December.

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