The Making of a Gallery Exhibit – the prep work 1

For this blog post, how about a quick peek into some of the work I’ve been doing to prepare for my upcoming gallery exhibit in Essex, Connecticut?  I figured something different might be kind of refreshing here – instead of the usual photos of what comes out of my camera, we’d take a look behind the […]

A Dozen Miles in a Decade – a Gallery Exhibit 4

For the past 8 or so years I’ve been exhibiting my photos in various art galleries around eastern Connecticut – whether as a part of a photo club group exhibit, supporting a special event at the gallery or splitting the bill with another photographer.  The summer and fall of 2014 will bring a change in […]

Exhibit at the Marlborough Arts Center

One of the things keeping me busy lately has been getting ready for a gallery exhibit at the Marlborough Arts Center in Marlborough, CT.  A little while back, I was honored to be invited to submit some of my prints to their first annual photography show – and of course I accepted their invitation.  I’ll […]