Last week – Acela, NR2 day & night and a PW Reroute on the NECR 6

Phew, once again I’m running a bit behind…story of my life.  But I did manage to get out a bit last week and grab a nice variety of moves – some pretty run of the mill, and a couple that were quite unique.  Too bad the unique ones were a result of the PW derailment […]

Horsepower in Franklin

On Sunday August 16th we took the kids on a little mystery ride to check out some horsepower – not the multiple thousands of horsepower that you regular readers are used to, but rather the unit of power those ratings are derived from.  Yep, we’re talking about Equus ferus caballus – actual horses.  In Franklin, […]

Two trains, two subs and an old sign

I never planned on heading out today, but when I looked outside this morning and saw sunshine and some blue sky, I had to take advantage of it.  As luck would have it, I caught a train and then a little bonus on the way back to the office.  Then on my way home this […]

An Acela, The Maasdam, a Los Angeles and NECR 610 2

Well today was a bit busy at work, so I didn’t get a chance to head out at my normal time for my walk. It would have to wait until after lunch, and even then, it would have to be shorter than normal. I figured that, despite the harsh midday lighting, I’d check out the […]

Friday the 13th – 610-Hyrail-NR2-610

Well, Friday the 13th turned out to be a fairly lucky day, in the realm of trains around these parts, that is. I was able to catch New England Central train #610 in Franklin, CT on my way into work, a Providence & Worcester hyrail in Ledyard on an inspection of the Norwich Branch, P&W […]

NECR 610 in Franklin and a P&W Extra in Groton

I actually got out of the house early this morning, so on the way in I was hoping to come across New England Central train 610 working around the Franklin area. Only catch was the weather was starting to go south, and there was limited light to work with. Well, the good thing with shooting […]

3/16/07 Noreaster part II – the NECR in Franklin 3

Well, because of the crappy weather today, I was able to leave work early and head home. Down in Groton, the snow was starting to change to sleet, and I really didn’t want to hang around to watch it change to freezing rain. So I got out around 1pm and made my way home. Of […]

Two trains on the way in – 3/14/07 1

Well, I had to head into work late this morning because the kids were sick. Once everyone was situated at home, I headed out the door. Having a route to work that encounters three railroads does have it’s advantages. Today, I’d get to shoot two of those roads on the way into work.

More Slide Scans – Fire & Ice

Scanned a couple more slides this evening. Here they are: Fire – A Guilford Mt. Tom coal extra makes it’s way south to the power station on a hot summer afternoon: A Guilford Rail System coal extra for the Mt. Tom power station in Holyoke, MA makes it’s way south on the Connecticut River LineREF#:313.jpgView […]

A little nostalgia, brought by Oxycodone

Feeling a bit nostalgic tonight and with a headache that stopped thanks to oxycodone, so I fired up the slide scanner and scanned a few slides in. Here’s a glimpse back to some of what I was shooting in 2003 & 2004. The photo line forms as a westbound CSX freight passes through Guy Park, […]