Grafton & Upton

Watching an EMD CF-7 Fuel Injector Swap 2

About a month ago I took a ride north to spend a little time on the Grafton & Upton Railroad in North Grafton, MA.  It was a rainy, gloomy early May day, so photos out on the road would be so-so – and the kind of rainy day that wouldn’t yield dramatic photos, just pretty boring, […]

Morning on the Grafton & Upton 2

I was off to a slow start in 2014, photographically speaking – my first outing to shoot railroads wasn’t until January 20th.  And as a result of the slow start, the old blog here has been a little stagnant of late.  But I’m trying to change that – first Monday’s post about my upcoming gallery […]

Missed one – G&U, CSX & MBTA in January 1

Oops, I missed a bunch of photos from January in my one big post from a little while back.  On January 22, Bob LaMay and I made our annual trip up to the Mystic Valley Railway Society’s calendar judging luncheon.  And as usual, we did a little railfanning along the way.  On the way up […]

Trackside with TRAINS vol. 156

The next edition of Trackside with TRAINS is up on the TRAINS magazine website!  This time around the subject was Close Clearance, and I submitted a shot of the Grafton & Upton RR switching out Washington Mills in North Grafton, MA, where the buildings are quite close to the tracks.  Voting is open until Sunday […]

Masking tape and a CF-7 – A morning on the G&U 2

After my slideshow at the Amherst Railway Society, I decided to spend the night up in Amherst instead of driving home in the wee hours.  And since I was taking Wednesday off from work as well, I figured I could take a ride over to North Grafton, MA and see a friend of mine that […]

Sunday Nighttime – PRWO, WODA and the G&U 5

So, as I had alluded to in my previous post, I had plans for Sunday evening.  And those plans were to meet up with friend & fellow photographer Nick Palazini to do a little night shooting.  We were going to continue our experiment of shooting two cameras at the same time along with synchronized flashes […]

Some time in Beantown 6

Bob LaMay and I went up to Boston for our annual ritual on Saturday – attending the Mystic Valley Railway Society’s calendar judging luncheon.  This event was for the MVRS’ 2011 calendar.  And also as we usually do, we shoot along the way.  This time we ended up catching some CSX, MBTA and a “new” […]