Guilford Rail System

Magazine Articles, Slide Scans and the Train Show

Busy times lately – both at work and at home.  But I figured it was time for a quick blog post to stir things up a bit and let you all know where things are.  First off, you’ll see my work – both photos and writing – in a couple magazines’ March 2012 issues, one […]

Tuesday night scan-o-rama 2

I was out sick again today, and there wasn’t much on TV, so no movie reviews tonight.  But since I’m feeling better tonight, I decided to scan through some of my “reject” folders of slides.  I, unlike some other photographers, rarely throw away slides – I keep everything (unless it’s truly out of focus).  And […]

More Slide Scans – Fire & Ice

Scanned a couple more slides this evening. Here they are: Fire – A Guilford Mt. Tom coal extra makes it’s way south to the power station on a hot summer afternoon: A Guilford Rail System coal extra for the Mt. Tom power station in Holyoke, MA makes it’s way south on the Connecticut River LineREF#:313.jpgView […]