Last Tuesday in NJ – 33K & MA-1

Most of last week I was in New Jersey again, and with the limited daylight this time of year provides, most of my shooting was either at dusk or in the dead of the night.  My first shots were on a cloudy Tuesday evening just before I checked into the hotel when I stopped in […]

Rainy Wednesday Afternoon at Bound Brook

After I finished up at work on Wednesday, which was a little later than usual, I decided to head to Bound Brook station again, as I did earlier in the day.  The main reason was that it was raining, and the station there affords some shelter from the weather, while still giving nice views of […]

A busy evening at Bound Brook station 3

Down here in NJ again this week, and after I got out of the office yesterday, I headed down to Bound Brook station for a little shooting.  I figured it would be a nice and easy evening of shooting and enjoying the passing trains.  I really didn’t feel like driving anywhere, so the spot that’s […]