Garden and Keystone on the 13th of September

On the second day of my New Jersey work trip, I got out a couple times to shoot – first at sunrise, and then after sunset.  The shots at sunrise were in the Garden State, and the ones in the dark were 60 some odd miles to the west in the Keystone State – both […]

New Jersey June – Part II

And on to part 2 of three of my last business trip to New Jersey.  For this one, the shots were taken on one day – some in the morning before work, and some in the evening after work.  And for this one, I covered both the Garden and Keystone States, getting Norfolk Southern action […]

Last month – A week in NJ 3

Last month I had to make a trip down to New Jersey for work again.  And as I mentioned in my last post about an evening in Rensselaer, I’ve finally gotten around to posting the shots.  So instead of doing each day as a single post, I’m going to lump them all together into one […]

A whole slew of trains in the last 24 hours 2

Well, I can’t say the Lehigh Line here in northern New Jersey is dead.  Ended up catching two trains before work this morning, and another five this evening – one of which was at two spots.  Can’t complain about numbers like that…especially in comparison to what I’ve got to shoot back home – a couple […]

Three NJ towns, four trains

After work yesterday, I wanted to take advantage of the remaining sunshine of the day, as clouds were supposed to start moving in.  So I headed for Bound Brook to see what was going on.  As it turned out, that was the first of four stops in Bound Brook, Manville and Hillsborough, NJ visiting both […]