Getting back into the swing of things…

Hey everyone!  Yep, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here on the old blog.  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been out shooting – just the opposite!  Granted, I’m not out every day like I have been in the past – life gets in the way much too easily these days – but I have been getting out to shoot the railroading scene here in southeastern Connecticut from time to time.  While I continue to collect my thoughts, and decide what to post up here next, I figured I’d put up a post with a smattering of photos from the first half of 2013.  Scroll on down, and check out 17 shots from earlier this year.

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March issue of TRAINS and Railfan & Railroad magazines

Now that they’ve started to hit subscribers’ mailboxes, I figured a note here was in order.  I’ve got two articles appearing in the March 2012 issues of the two largest railroad magazines.  First is a short piece and a photo in TRAINS as a part of their Funky Freights feature about some of the shipments the Providence & Worcester makes to Electric Boat in Groton.  And second is my Valley Railroad article featuring the rebuilding of No. 3025 which appears in Railfan & Railroad.  But in addition to the article – which ended up spanning 8 pages in the final layout of the magazine – I landed the front cover!  Third magazine cover overall for me (Railpace and Railroad Explorer were the other two), but this was my first time on R&R’s cover!  So if you don’t subscribe, head down to your local hobby shop or bookstore/newsstand and pick up a copy.  Feel free to let me know what you think of the two articles here, or drop me an email.

And stay tuned for a photo-heavy post from the NECR/PW/CN office car special that ran between St. Albans, VT and Worcester, MA on February 7, 2012.


First time with the 4005

The Providence & Worcester Railroad recently acquired three former Burlington Northern Santa Fe GE B40-8W locomotives.  One of those – now numbered P&W 4005 – has recently received a new paint job, putting the former warbonnet into P&W chocolate and orange.  And after one other trip down this way, I got a chance to photograph the widecab while on the point of train NR-2.

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Way back in July – P&W NR-2 and Amtrak

Between family commitments, a bout with a flu-like bug (putting me in bed for 4 days), and Hurricane Irene’s power outage (6 days for us), I’ve once again fallen a bit behind on the old Blog here.  But never fear, it’s time to catch up on the posts.  Granted, I haven’t had a chance to shoot all that much lately, but here’s the first installment of the backlog – from back on July 20th.

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Two trains of empty cans

PW NR2Way back on June 8th I was able to get out and shoot a bit in the morning.  I intented to duck out and shoot Providence & Worcester train NR-2 along the Thames River.  But as things worked out, I ended up catching two P&W jobs in the Groton/New London area – both carrying empty ethanol tanks back to the New England Central Railroad.  A nice change of pace.

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A bunch from June

Been a little while since I’ve posted anything from the railroad front.  So to start things flowing again, I figured I’d prime the pump – so to speak – with a bunch of shots from June.  Included here are a couple day’s worth of shots – one of Providence & Worcester train NR-2 and the other of an Amtrak Acela.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but hey, it’s something!

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Flowers, Stars & Trains

Last Friday was a pretty good day, photographically speaking.  I ended up taking the day off from work for a couple reasons – first, later in the evening I was putting on a presentation about the railroads along the Thames River for the Northeast Prototype Modeler’s Meet out in Collinsville, CT (BTW, if you’re a modeler, specifically interested in the prototype aspects of the hobby, this meet is one you don’t want to miss – some great workshops & examples!).  But earlier in the day, I wanted to get a couple specific photos to add to the show – one on the New England Central Railroad, and the other on the Providence & Worcester.  Well, because the NECR job got set back due to the tornado up in Monson, MA, so my only shot was with the P&W.  I did manage to get that shot and add it to the show (the first one below).  I also ran into a couple other fans, and chased NR2 as far west as Black Point in Niantic.  All in all, a fun morning running around with the cameras.

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Another angle bites the dust

On the 17th of May I was able to get out for a few minutes to catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 over lunch.  It was a quick trip out, and I was only able to catch them at a couple spots.  But while out, I noticed one of my favorite angles will soon be no longer available due to some Amtrak fence construction.  Just like Groton tower, where a chain link fence was erected along the south side of the tracks, the area to the north of the Shaw’s Cove swing bridge is following suit.

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Friday the 13th – PW in the morning, NECR in the afternoon

On Friday the 13th I actually got a bit lucky.  Not only did I catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 in Ledyard and Groton, but I also caught New England Central train 608 heading south with loaded ethanol, and was able to work a couple birds into the shots – got a swan and a couple Canada Geese.  I also got 608 at a new location for me in Waterford.  Oh, yeah, and I even got called “Tom Ho” over the radio…it was Hawaiian Shirt Friday at work, after all…

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Run-o-the-mill on May 3rd

Continuing on the backlog clearing spree, we’ve made it into May.  The first stuff I shot in May was pretty run of the mill stuff – consisting of Providence & Worcester NR-2 at Mill Cove in Ledyard, and the USS Nautilus and through Fairview yard in Groton.  Nothing earth-shattering, but at least there was blue skies to work with.

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