Willimantic to Amherst – Three trains 1

On the 19th as you probably saw here I was presenting a slideshow up at the Amherst Railway Society’s October meeting.  I decided to take the entire day off instead of rushing out of work and heading north.  So I took that opportunity to do a little work around the house, and then head out […]

Southbound Switcher

Oh how easy it is to fall behind on things.  Like usual, I’m a bit behind on my postings here, so here’s one from a week and a half ago – July 5th.  I had Monday off since it was a company holiday, so I took a little time in the morning to do a […]

Midnight Moonshine Extra 6

Last Friday night the last cut of 40 ethanol cars made their way into Palmer, MA on the New England Central Railroad where a fresh crew picked them up for the trip south to New London, CT (for a look back at the previous 40 cars, click here and here).  The Providence & Worcester Railroad […]

Two-Fer-Tuesday on the NECR 1

On the first day of December, I had a small hole in my daytime schedule to get out for a bit.  But as sometimes happens, things don’t go as planned.  As I usually plan on doing, I was going to bag Providence & Worcester train NR-2 in Ledyard, and perhaps New England Central train NERWNE […]

NECR northbound 3

Like usual, I’m a bit behind on postings.  So I’ll take advantage of a little time over lunch to bang out the two posts waiting in the queue.  First up is a quick chase of New England Central train NERWPA (the Willimantic to Palmer turn) between Eagleville, CT and Monson, MA.  In addition to that […]

NECR 608, CSX & a pair of Amtraks – 3/3/07

Well, we decided to pile the kids in the car and go for a drive since it was a nice day. As luck would have it, we found ourselves heading northbound on Route 32 heading for the CT/MA line – right where we’d find New England Central trains 608 and 610 doing their car swap.