January 2011 Recap

Holy crap does time fly when you’re doing nothing but shoveling snow. ¬†Yep, we’ve been¬†inundated¬†with snow the past month or so here in the Northeast, and I have next to no photos to show for it! ¬†But I did manage to get out a few times to shoot. ¬†So instead of doing each one individually, […]

FEC/PW/GMTX on the NECR with Ethanol

Last Friday another 40 loaded ethanol tanks made their way south out of Willimantic towards New London on the New England Central Railroad. ¬†I managed to get a few shots of them in Montville and New London. ¬†The only thing is you’d never know whose railroad it was judging by the locomotives leading the train.

NECR & PW Ethanol

Monday night, New England Central train NERWNE brought 40 loads of ethanol south out of Willimantic. ¬†But instead of bringing them all the way to New London, they tied up in Montville for the night. ¬†So first thing in the morning they took the train of moonshine south to New London for the P&W to […]

2011 Calendar ‚Äď Steel Wheels & Submarines

It’s that time of year again – the 2011 calendar is ready! ¬†This year’s calendar¬†is titled “Steel Wheels and Submarines” and features 13 of my all color photos¬†photos taken along the Thames River in southeastern Connecticut of the NECR,¬†P&W, Amtrak and FEC (yes, I said FEC). I’m putting it out a bit earlier than I¬†did […]


Down here on the south end of the New England Central Railroad, we’ve had a visitor from down south working on the Montville switcher job for the past week or so. ¬†One of the four Florida East Coast locomotives has been assigned the duties on train NERWNE recently. ¬†Last Friday I had a chance to […]

A week’s worth – Amtrak, NECR, PW, FEC and ethanol

Continuing on the backlog here – but instead of what I would normally do and make one post for each “outing,” instead I’m putting together one massive post with a week’s full of shots in it. ¬†Basically taking care of pretty much the entire backlog in one fell swoop. ¬†In this catch-all post, you’ll see […]

Last week – Acela, NR2 day & night and a PW Reroute on the NECR 6

Phew, once again I’m running a bit behind…story of my life. ¬†But I did manage to get out a bit last week and grab a nice variety of moves – some pretty run of the mill, and a couple that were quite unique. ¬†Too bad the unique ones were a result of the PW derailment […]

A few new angles for Amtrak and the NECR

Part two of my catchup posts involves some new angles I scouted out on Friday – one was in the morning on the New England Central, and two were in the afternoon on Amtrak’s Shore Line – one in Niantic, and one in Old Lyme.

A couple shots across the river 2

Kind of a hectic day today, but I managed to get out for a short spell this morning. ¬†Of course, things didn’t go exactly as planned – no Providence & Worcester action, but I did manage to get the New England Central across the river as they headed north through Montville.

Last week in pictures – NECR, PW, Amtrak & FEC day and night 5

So I managed to get out a few times last week – including one night jaunt shooting both the Providence & Worcester and New England Central (both sporting “foreign” power). ¬†Other stuff from the week was the P&W and NECR in daylight – including an ethanol move, along with a couple Shore Line Amtrak runs.