An old bridge, NECR and P&W

I managed to make a little time this morning to get out and try to photograph a little bit along the Thames River.  But it was later than usual, so I wasn’t sure what, if anything I’d catch.  I was encouraged by the fact that on my way into work I heard a Providence & […]

Two-Fer-Tuesday on the NECR 1

On the first day of December, I had a small hole in my daytime schedule to get out for a bit.  But as sometimes happens, things don’t go as planned.  As I usually plan on doing, I was going to bag Providence & Worcester train NR-2 in Ledyard, and perhaps New England Central train NERWNE […]

An almost across the river meet 1

Quite literally for years I’ve been hoping to get an across the Thames River meet between the Providence & Worcester and New England Central Railroads.  Yesterday, that meet was missed by only about a minute or so.  So close, and yet so far…  But that’s OK, I got to take some pictures of both jobs.

A tale of two coves

Today things calmed down a bit, and I was able to head out for a nice walk, and of course I took advantage of the sunny skies and killed some pixels along the way.  The way things worked out, I was able to catch New England Central train NERWNE heading north through Montville, as well […]

All But Tuesday – P&W and NECR from last week

OK, a bit of catching up to do tonight.  I actually managed to shoot a bit last week, and got stuff from every day except Tuesday.  Not bad overall.  And it consisted of Providence & Worcester NR-2 and New England Central NERWNE (formerly known as 608) at a few locations along the Thames River.  The […]

NECR 610 and P&W NR-2

For today’s walk, I decided to stay a bit further south, and hit Red Top at about MP4 on the Providence & Worcester’s Norwich Branch. As it turns out, this was a pretty good decision – I not only was able to catch P&W train NR-2 heading south with quite a long train, but also […]

NECR 610 & a sub

Well, today’s walk brought me to Erickson Park in Ledyard, hoping to catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2 heading south along the swolen Thames River somewhere mid-walk, and before the nasty looking skies above opened up. No such luck in the train department, but I did catch the New England Central and a bit later, […]

Friday the 13th – 610-Hyrail-NR2-610

Well, Friday the 13th turned out to be a fairly lucky day, in the realm of trains around these parts, that is. I was able to catch New England Central train #610 in Franklin, CT on my way into work, a Providence & Worcester hyrail in Ledyard on an inspection of the Norwich Branch, P&W […]