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July 26th NR-2 – EMDs in the lead

The next installment of the backlog clearing is from the 26th of July, when I caught a pretty good sized Providence & Worcester train NR-2 at a couple spots along the Thames River.  The only remarkable thing about this train – despite the length – is that the lead power was a pair of EMD […]

Seis de Mayo – NR2 and its reflection

Check off another one from the backlog – this time from the sixth of May.  Getting closer to this week!  Another quick one with a couple stops, but both spots I shot at gave up some really nice reflections of the passing train!


Lunch with NR2 and NR3

Last Monday I had to head out for lunch, and as things worked out I managed to catch a couple Providence & Worcester trains.  Not that the first was really planned out, but the second was caught completely by chance.


Day and Night with the Devil

Back on the 3rd and 5th of August, 80 cars of loaded ethanol made their way over the New England Central and Providence & Worcester Railroads, and were delivered to their destination in Providence, Rhode Island.  Well, on both days I managed to get shots of the two moonshine moves from the same spot.  One […]

Something happened on the way to the dentist

Friday I had a dentist appointment, so I had to leave work a bit early.  As luck had it, Providence & Worcester train NR-2 was leaving Tilcon in Groton as I was leaving the parking lot, getting ready to head home.  I figured it was worth a shot to try and catch them on the […]

Fog, freight and empty moonshine jugs

Thursday the third of June started out with some pretty thick fog here in southeastern Connecticut.  And in that fog, a few trains rain – one regular job, and two extras.  As luck would have it, I managed to lens each of those – well, in one form or another.


Last week – Acela, NR2 day & night and a PW Reroute on the NECR

Phew, once again I’m running a bit behind…story of my life.  But I did manage to get out a bit last week and grab a nice variety of moves – some pretty run of the mill, and a couple that were quite unique.  Too bad the unique ones were a result of the PW derailment […]

April Fool’s NR-2 at 6(!) spots

Starting out a new month with the waters around the Thames receding from our recent bout with lots and lots of water – and a little luck as things panned out.  Actually, I wasn’t exactly expecting to get out & shoot after hearing Amtrak had shut down all service between New Haven and Boston today […]

NR-2 along the River and the Bay

Had a bit of a frustrating day at work yesterday.  So I decided I needed to get out and go on a nice walk somewhere to relax a bit this morning.  And while I was contemplating where to go at my desk, I got my answer over the scanner.  Well, at least it was the […]

P&W in the snow

Well, all that rain we’ve been getting lately finally turned into some snow overnight and this morning.  Granted it wasn’t sticking to the pavement all that much – but that was a good thing.  It meant the ground would be somewhat white, and I could safely get there with my front wheel drive Hyundai.