NAN and the Super Moon

For today’s post, we’ll go back to the end of June when we as earthlings bore witness to the closest “super moon” of 2013 – or in more scientific terms the moon was at the perigee (closest to Earth) of its orbit while in the full phase.  Honestly, it’s nothing truly rare, despite the Internet […]

NR-2 along the River and the Bay 7

Had a bit of a frustrating day at work yesterday.  So I decided I needed to get out and go on a nice walk somewhere to relax a bit this morning.  And while I was contemplating where to go at my desk, I got my answer over the scanner.  Well, at least it was the […]

NECR, P&W and an Amtrak with a McCafe 2

With the pretty much fiasco of last Thursday night on my mind, I really wanted to “redeem myself” and get some decent shots without destroying any more of my gear.  So on Friday I headed out to try and catch Providence & Worcester train NR-2.  Figured that was pretty safe – and as it turned […]