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Willimantic to Amherst – Three trains

On the 19th as you probably saw here I was presenting a slideshow up at the Amherst Railway Society’s October meeting.  I decided to take the entire day off instead of rushing out of work and heading north.  So I took that opportunity to do a little work around the house, and then head out […]

The Willimantic Moonshine Nighttime Two-Step

On the 6th of October I got some information from a friend “in the know” about a couple nighttime ethanol moves on the New England Central around Willimantic, CT.  So after my wife & I put the kids to bed, I headed out to see what I could shoot.  With the timing of the moves, […]

Two trains on the NECR

On the day after my birthday, September 10th, I headed out in the morning for a bit to shoot a little, despite the cloudy weather.  But as usual, I never let the weather conditions discourage me from shooting, and in fact, I think it helped in one case.


A week’s worth – Amtrak, NECR, PW, FEC and ethanol

Continuing on the backlog here – but instead of what I would normally do and make one post for each “outing,” instead I’m putting together one massive post with a week’s full of shots in it.  Basically taking care of pretty much the entire backlog in one fell swoop.  In this catch-all post, you’ll see […]

Wednesday Day and Night on the NECR

Slowly getting back up to speed with the posts here.  Work is still hectic, but after work on Wednesday I managed to get out and catch a little New England Central Railroad action in the form of an ethanol extra.  Then later that evening, I joined a couple friends in Willimantic to shoot the NECR […]

Last week in pictures – NECR, PW, Amtrak & FEC day and night

So I managed to get out a few times last week – including one night jaunt shooting both the Providence & Worcester and New England Central (both sporting “foreign” power).  Other stuff from the week was the P&W and NECR in daylight – including an ethanol move, along with a couple Shore Line Amtrak runs.


Ethanol Extra on the NECR and P&W

As some of you may know a unit ethanol train ran between North Dakota and Providence, RI, carried by a various number of railroads – the last two were the New England Central and the Providence & Worcester.  Well, as the schedule worked out, the NECR and P&W sections were to take place under cover […]

Sunday daytime – Diesel & Grain Powered Horsepower

Sunday was an eventful day, photographically speaking.  So I’ll be dividing it up into two parts – day and night.  For the daytime, I had one chance encounter, and one planned.  The chance involved the New England Central Railroad, and the planned was up at my alma mater – the University of Connecticut.


Two-Fer-Tuesday on the NECR

On the first day of December, I had a small hole in my daytime schedule to get out for a bit.  But as sometimes happens, things don’t go as planned.  As I usually plan on doing, I was going to bag Providence & Worcester train NR-2 in Ledyard, and perhaps New England Central train NERWNE […]

Nocturnal NECR

Tonight I had to head into Willimantic to run an errand, but like the other night, I got a little sidetracked (pun intended) as I crossed over Bridge Street by the New England Central.